The RAWdio Contest is Underway

We have a new website!
We at Detour Games are developing our latest independent video game, RAW, and we need audio! RAW is a 2D, action side-scroller that tells the story of a cyborg juggernaut finding his true purpose in a strange, new war-torn world. He will blast, smash, and dash his way through a comic that stretches six epic chapters!

Here's where we need you! We are a small, indie team and we don't have a dedicated sound guy. Instead, we are going to crowdsource all the in-game music and sound effects by offering prizes for submissions. Everyone from absolute amateurs to industry veterans is welcome to participate! All the information, including terms and conditions, general guidelines, and how to submit audio, can be found here.

The contest will go from October 10th until December 2nd, and afterwards we will be hosting public polls to help decide the winners. All serious submissions (whether chosen or not) will earn their creator a free copy of the game once it is released. What are you waiting for? The contest ends December 2nd so get started now!

The New Website is Live!

We have a new website!
I'm sure I don't have to tell you to browse around and look at all the cool stuff, but you're probably going to want to check in every now and then to see all of our new PROJECTS. If you would prefer to see our updates in your social media feed then you can mossey on over to the CONNECT tab or just find the social media icons on every page - we're on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and we keep our Development Blogs on Tumblr.