About Detour

The Mission

The mission is simple: make inspiring games that are fun to play and build.

We strive to do this with every project, to be powerful force for good in the battle against apathy and mediocrity. We aren't in it for the money, but money can be a tool to help us create better games. As we grow we will try really, really freaking hard to not become a dark and soulless corporation.

The History

Detour Games was founded in 2010 by Clayton Langford and Seth Paxton. Originally the company was a ploy to get other people to work with them to create a video game quickly, but we soon learned that running a business making video games was not something that would ever go quickly.

With multiple games on Google Play and many more in the works Detour Games is still a small indie game company trying to make it big. Even as you read this we are waging total war against mundane video games. When Detour Games does make it big we will be a force to be reckoned with.

Awesome People

(alphabetical by last name) 

Clayton Langford

Position: Lead Programmer
Strength: Heart of Gold
Weakness: Naivety

Clayton co-founded Detour Games back when he and Seth were in High School trying to convince other people to help them work on video games. Over the years he has taught himself programming, moved to North Carolina, and still hasn't beaten BioShock 1. His unending resolve and determination is the foundation for all the progress Detour Games has made over the years.

Seth Paxton

Position: Lead Artist
Strength: Insane Creativity
Weakness: Rashness

Seth co-founded Detour Games with Clayton with the intention of creating unique and beautiful experiences. He got married and has a full-time career as a web designer and does Detour work in his miniscule spare time. His passion for video games and natural artistic talent have provided a solid basis for Detour Games to appear to be a legitimate game company.

Other people we have worked with

Brian Horne
Position: Composer
Projects: Obstruction

Everyone we have worked with has been a great contribution to our learning process, but Brian Horne helped Detour Games with their first game in a way that no one else did: he actually contributed something. Unlike all the mentors and inspiring people who have been a part of Detour, Brian has actually done work, and for that we thank him.